IGCSE English Language

English as a First Language is never an "easy A" subject as students thought because it requires intensive training on a spectrum of technical skills to score at the top 10%. At EOK, intensive training is not merely about past paper drilling, but a systematic teaching method that scrutinizes each exam component thoroughly and designs a series of comprehensive learning lessons that targets the essential knowledge and skills. EOK teachers also identify the weaknesses and misconceptions of each student and personalize the learning plan accordingly. With such teaching method, EOK has succeeded in boosting students' grades from C or B to A and even A*.

There are different components covered in our IGCSE English course:


The course instills essential skills and knowledge in students, improving their ability to analyze literary texts and write personal responses as well as developing them to become successful writers who are both accurate and precise in their expression. Students learn to infer the writer's implicit meaning and integrate their points with empathic engagement.


Through learning a variety of text types, students learn how to develop their ideas fully and write lucidly with precision, in a way that helps them secure their score and outshine their peers. The course also teaches students how to critically evaluate the ideas of a passage and adapt their writing style with the intended audience in mind. Students are taught sophisticated vocabulary as well as complex sentence structures to achieve the desired purpose.


For students who have to go through a coursework component, which is worth up to 50% of the overall grade, we give ad-hoc consultation sessions in assisting them in the content, accuracy and coherence of their work. We cover a wide range of writing formats such as narrative, descriptive, argumentative, empathic responses, speech and letter writing.