IGCSE English Literature

English Literature is not just about reading books but a perceptive, critical understanding of the texts. EOK has a systematic teaching method that scrutinizes each exam component thoroughly and designs a series of comprehensive learning lessons that targets the essential knowledge and skills. EOK teachers also identify the weaknesses and misconceptions of each student and personalize the learning plan accordingly. With such teaching method, EOK has succeeded in boosting students' grades from C or B to A and even A*.

There are different components covered in our IGCSE English Literature course:

Unseen Poetry/Prose

The course instills essential skills and knowledge in students, improving their ability to recognize and appreciate the language effects created in a poem or prose. Students also learn to explore the texts beyond surface meaning to show deeper awareness of ideas and attitudes such that they can write their commentary with further insight, sensitivity and individuality.

Set Texts

Students are exposed to a wide variety of texts including Shakespeare, drama, selected poems and short stories throughout the course. The course is personalized to each student in terms of the particular set text they are required to read. To prepare for their closed-book exams, students are taught to selectively pick and recite the most relevant and precise quotes that target the exam questions. In addition to learning the themes and characterization of the texts, students also learn how to analyze the language effects and give insightful explanations.


For students who have to go through a coursework component, which is worth up to 50% of the overall grade, we give ad-hoc consultation sessions in assisting them in the content, accuracy and coherence of their work. We cover various types of writing such as individual text commentary, critical essay, and empathic response.