Online Classes

for HK and Overseas Students

For students who are not able to physically attend our classes due to this coronavirus disease outbreak, we are now offering personalized IGCSE, GCE and IB online classes from March to June so that they can be well prepared for the upcoming exams.

We have over 10 years of experience and the unique technology to deliver the online learning experience in an effective manner. Our method has helped students going to Oxford, Cambridge, HKU and other institutions alike. See the details here.

Unlike the lecture-based teaching style in most schools' online classes, we aim to help students to master the knowledge and skills through a dynamic interaction between students and teachers. Students can ask questions and receive instant feedback from the teachers. Lesson plans are also tailor-made according to students' learning pace and weaknesses.

Online Class at EOK - Math

Online Class at EOK - Science (Physics)

Online Class at EOK - Science (Biology)

Online Class at EOK - English

Online Class at EOK - English Writing

In training English language and critical thinking, we adopt a revolutionary approach by using a computerized system to find the shortest path for our students. We focus on their weaknesses and address each of them accordingly. At every step, the system's objective is to minimize the learning time while maximize the students' results. The effect is that students gain their experience effectively in a much shortened time of learning.

The result is astonishing. Our students regularly get their A/A* and have been accepted to the world class universities such as Oxford that require separate writing assessments.

Our students find our online classes as beneficial as the on-site classes:

Dominic Ngan

Y13, Kingswood School, UK

Year 1, the University of Southampton, UK

When It comes to tutor lessons, almost 90% of people will think about face to face tutoring. However, there are a lot of people forgetting about the fact that tutor lesson can be conducted remotely online. EOK’s remote session benefited me a lot during my studies whilst I was in the UK. Being 6000 miles away from UK, Dr Ma could still apply his Targeted Achieve Programme (TAP) strategy and help me on my studies and exams during term time. From the bottom of my heart, I truly believe that EOK’s remote sessions are absolutely fantastic, beneficial and meaningful as the teachers from EOK are willing to go an extra mile further for all of their students in helping them to achieve their goals.

Only limited time slots are available. Please call us to book the classes in advance.