Consultation Service

EOK offers a unique consultation service for students in Y3 to Y13 from a wide range of schools in Hong Kong, UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Germany. We have a sharp vision of how students can develop and excel at their full potential in an international perspective.

Based on certain factors such as the school background, students' learning capability, and their long-term goals, we advise students on how to plan their upcoming learning years to fulfill the ultimate goals more smoothly and successfully. With our expertise, we pick the most suitable subjects and set the time schedule which best fits the students. As we value the quality of the learning process and the effectiveness of the learning outcome, our admission requirement involves the evaluation of the students' time commitment, learning attitude and learning discipline. We also constantly observe and maintain the standard of our students with respect to these three crucial factors.

Consultation sessions are made by appointment only to ensure our specialists are available to have a sufficient discussion with students and parents. Contact us now to find out more about our courses.