Target Achievement Program (TAP)

Second Batch (2018-2020)

In 2018, we had another batch of students with ambitious dreams committed to the Targeted Achievement Program (TAP). We designed specialized learning plans for them to achieve their high-end goals ranging from being a doctor to becoming an aeronautic engineer. All of them have made their dreams come true and built their own promising career paths.

Dominic joined the TAP after attaining 5A* and 1A in the IGCSE exams with the help from EOK. “The program has made my aeronautic dream come true,” said Dominic. “I was not guided to only get a top score in my GCE exams, but to work towards my ambition and future career.”

Recognizing being an aerospace engineer is an extremely difficult target for normal students, Dominic did not waste his time during regular school hours in UK and was committed to regular remote sessions at EOK. He even made such a critical decision three months before his final exams to become a full-time student at EOK, working diligently to secure his academic dream. 

Dominic found the learning experience at EOK more fruitful and meaningful than his school because EOK teachers go beyond the mere delivery of information and emphasize students’ mastery of knowledge.

With his outstanding GCE results of A*AA, Dominic was admitted to Master of Engineering in Aeronautics and Astronautics at the University of Southampton in UK.

Laura started learning at EOK in Year 11. “I was struggling to manage 12 subjects,” recalled Laura. “And I was losing confidence in myself,” said Laura.

EOK designed a personalized intensive learning plan for Laura where she studied 8-20 hours/week. With her hard work and commitment, she successfully got straight A* in six IGCSE subjects.

Moving on to her IB studies in Year 12, she took EOK’s advice of taking a dual stream IB and A-level. She further joined the Target Achievement Program (TAP), hoping to well develop herself in the biomedicine field.

Early before the final IB and A-level exams, her excellent predicted IB grade had already secured her place in Medical Bioscience at Imperial College London.

When Mike first came to EOK, he was an unconfident student looking for some enrichment program. As EOK gradually developed his potential and built up his confidence, Mike attained 5A* and 1A in IGCSE from Year 9 to Year 11. 

Soon, Mike enjoys dealing with challenges and grows ambitious about his future career. He joined the TAP as he targeted to get into one of the world’s prestigious universities. 

Mike is a perfect example of “work hard, play hard”. While playing a critical role in defining Mike’s academic goal and growing him into a confident person, EOK helped Mike strike a balance in studying and playing video games. “I would call myself an addicted video gamer,” said Mike. “I am happy that I could still spend a lot of time on gaming while working hard for the exams.”

With his straight A* result in A-Level, Mike was awarded with Year 13 Mathematics Prize, Year 13 Physics Prize and Year 13 Chemistry Prize by his own school, and admitted to Civil Engineering at Cambridge.

Summer joined the TAP at EOK Academy in Year 12 after setting her goal to be a doctor. Seeing her ambition and determination, EOK teachers developed a learning plan for her to outperform across all her IB subjects. 

Despite facing the unknown, frustration and discouragement at times, Summer and her parents put full trust in EOK and EOK teachers closely worked together with them throughout the learning process. This three-way mutual process among teachers, students and parents plays a major role in bringing Summer’s success. 

“EOK helped Summer develop perseverance and love for learning,” said Summer’s mother, Maisy Mak. “I am grateful to EOK for providing the most supportive environment for Summer.” 

With her outstanding predicted grade, Summer received an unconditional offer for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from HKU prior to the release of her final IB score.

“We strive to develop our students’ potential to the optimal level,” said Dr. Ma, the founder of EOK. “Give us time and trust, we will make it happen.”