GCE Science


Success stories of our students learning GCE Science at EOK...

Even teaching through online platform, we have 3 full-time students scoring perfect in 8 Physics and Chemistry A-Level papers. It can't be a coincidence; it can't be luck.

Mike Tsoi, Y13 at Harrow International School, is admitted to Civil Engineering at the University of Cambridge with GCE results of A*A*A*A.

Dominic Ngan, a full-time EOK student, is admitted to Master of Engineering in Aeronautics and Astronautics at the University of Southampton.

James Lee, Y13 student at Dulwich College, UK, is admitted to Engineering at the University of Cambridge with the excellent results of 4 straight A*s.

EOK adopts a systematic approach to help students improve their grades in GCE Physics, Chemistry and Biology from C to A/A* through a short period of time and even tackle the exams one to two years in advance:

    • assess students' learning abilities and identify their bottlenecks

    • design a personalized learning plan in which students can learn at their own pace and build up the knowledge step by step

    • effectively enrich students' experiences in managing the complexity of Science

    • monitor students' progress in parallel with their school coursework and tests/exams

    • develop students' interest and confidence in Science

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