1. How do I register the course for my child?

Course enrollment can be done either by phone/email or in person. Once a learning schedule is set, you will be asked to fill in a registration form and settle the tuition by cash, cheque or bank deposit accordingly. Seating will only be confirmed when payment is made in full.

2. When should I pay the tuition?

  • Regular Classes: Tuition should be paid before the first session of every month. A 10% penalty may be imposed for late payment. Should a student come to a lesson before payment, EOK reserves the right to preclude the student from attending classes. Tuition schedules will be given out to parents/students during the 2nd week of the previous month.

  • Intensive Holiday Classes: Classes during holiday are very tight and early enrollment is encouraged for securing the seats. Tuition payment is required to be made on or before a given time. The seats cannot be reserved without the confirmation of payment.

3. How do I know about the regular class schedule?

Our classes are held in a small group size and thus a class can be filled up very soon. We advise parents to call and check with us the most updated class availability.

4. What is the class schedule during school holidays?

EOK is open from Monday to Saturday during school holidays (i.e., Christmas, Easter and Summer) and classes are scheduled at 09:00 to 17:30. Details of the class schedule are usually released two months prior to the holiday.