Interview Workshop

We understand the importance of expressing oneself adequately so as to attract the target audience's attention. Whether it is for a school entrance or scholarship application interview, we provide students with a series of training sessions to help them ace their prospective interviews and presentations.


Our Interview Workshop is designed to help students in the following areas:

Course Outline

The Interview Workshop normally lasts for 2-4 sessions (1 hour/session), in which we will customize the content and materials for each student, depending on the needs and English proficiency level of the student. Generally each workshop will consist of the following components:

Self – introduction

Strengths and Weaknesses

Reading aloud

Proper Pronunciation, Tone and Style

Picture Composition

Creativity and Observation Skills

Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning

Relationship between texts and pictures

Individual Presentation

Public Speaking Techniques

Group Discussion

Critical and logical thinking

Interview Workshops are offered at limited time slots only. Please contact us for further details.