Regular Courses

Unlike the lecture style in traditional classrooms, our courses are personalized to each student's need and the lesson focus for each student is aligned with the particular curriculum. All the relevant contents and skills will be taught through discussions and exercises in the class. Upon students' learning progress, lesson plans will be constantly adjusted to target their weaknesses.

In general, our courses are conducted in a small group class of about 6-8 students and the duration of each session is 2 hours. Students are trained in a particular approach to cater to their academic background and learning goals.

Regular Approach

  • Suitable for Hong Kong students studying in international schools which follow IGCSE, GCE and/or IB curriculum

  • Conducted on a weekly basis throughout the year

  • Involve comprehensive training on all aspects of each registered subject

  • Focus on advanced topics and challenging questions

Intensive Approach

  • Suitable for international students studying overseas

  • Conducted on a daily basis (morning and afternoon sessions) during holidays and term break

  • Focus on students’ weaknesses in certain registered subjects

  • Provide a comprehensive summary of exam topics and last minute review

  • Train students on exam techniques through intensive past papers drilling and unique simulated questions targets on students’ weaknesses

Special Approach

  • Suitable for Hong Kong students studying in local or international schools who aim for a fast-track learning path or a parallel learning of multiple curricula.

  • Conducted on a daily or weekly basis depending on students’ planned exam dates.

  • Provide an assessment on the subject choice and learning plan based on students’ abilities

  • Involve comprehensive training on all aspects of the chosen subjects

  • *Include a specialized learning plan for gifted students who plan to take the exam at an early age

Course Selection