With EOK's personalized learning approach, our IGCSE students have been achieving outstanding exam results for a decade.

Do your children come from the following schools: RCHK, YCIS, CIS, SIS, CKY, DGS, DBS, etc.? Are you looking for courses that are tailor-made for your children?

Learning design in parallel with school curriculum

As we have solid experience in teaching students from different schools as listed above, we have designed personalized learning plans for these students. In addition to the IGCSE learning component, we also cater to the school tests and projects such that students are learning in synchronization with their school curriculum.

Best-fit comprehensive learning schedule

Concerning students' difficulty in handling 6-10 subjects at a time, we offer our expertise in designing the best fit learning schedule for our students. Upon the consultation with us, students can study multiple subjects of which the allocation of hours is determined by their learning needs and pace. Our goal is to ensure that students can learn at their optimum and gain the most out of the learning experience. 

Specific time slots for effective learning

Given the different needs of students from different schools, we have designated specific time slots for these students, and thus they can learn more effectively in the class with their peers. The class focus is also more aligned with their ongoing classes at school.

Our students come from a diversity of schools:

HK International Schools

The UK Schools

HK Local Schools

Students from South Island School

Students from PLK Choi Kai Yau School

Students from Renaissance College

Students from King George V School

Subjects offered:

We offer a variety of subjects under various exam boards: Cambridge, Edexcel, AQA, OCR, etc.