Target Achievement Program (TAP)

First Batch (2013-2018)

In 2013, we launched the Targeted Achievement Program (TAP) and 5 students joined the program with their dreams and passion. We individually tailored their academic paths, targeting their far-fetched goals and making each of them a reality. Despite the differences in their paths, ages and ambitions, these students’ dreams have come true beyond their expectation throughout the years. 

Vincy joined the TAP at EOK on a full-time basis in October 2012. Learning with EOK’s personalized learning method, she tackled the IGCSE and GCE exams with straight A*/A record within two years of time. 

Vincy expressed that she had lost interest in the traditional class and found EOK to be a more encouraging and challenging place to learn. “EOK is nothing like any other tutorial centres that I have ever seen and been,” commented Vincy. “I was allowed to study through more flexible ways.” 

Vincy’s case successfully shows that attending a formal school/institution or studying along the traditional pathway is no longer a compulsory prerequisite for university entry. All that students need to have to get into their ideal universities is a well-designed personalized learning plan.

Used to be a Year 10 student from Sha Tin College, Rose joined the TAP at EOK in September 2012. Without the parallel learning from the school, Rose totally relied on the tailor-made program at EOK for her IGCSE preparation.

Having attained 3 early A* in IGCSE, Rose pursued GCE programme at EOK one year in advance and completed the AS qualification with straight A results.

“I was in a dilemma of whether to study my IB diploma in the next two years or complete my GCE certificate in just one year.” Rose recalled the concerns that she and her parents had before the AS results were released.

Upon careful consideration, Rose, with her parents’ support, withdrew from the formal school and enrolled into the full-time programme at EOK. This has become one of the biggest decisions in her life for it has brought her to the world’s renowned University of Cambridge.

As an 8-year-old student from Clearwater Bay School, Hong-ye first joined the TAP at EOK Academy at Grade 4. Since then, he has been achieving a series of milestones.  

When Hong-ye first came to EOK, his parents had already set a long-term goal for him to enter the top-rank universities such as HKU and Cambridge. In view of this ambition, EOK teachers designed a personalized learning plan for Hong-ye and coached him along the process. 

EOK also supports Hong-ye throughout the university application process. “The EOK team helped me to select a suitable university, worked with me on how to write my personal statement, and assisted me to prepare for the interview.” said Hong-ye. 

With his excellent GCE results, Hong-ye became the youngest student at HKU and successfully transferred to Cambridge two years later, making a history over the past century of this prestigious institution.

When she was in Year 7 at RCHK, Sharen’s learning potential was quickly recognized at EOK and we customized an escalating path for her such that she could attain advanced standing in every subject.

With her aspiration of becoming a professional doctor, we coached Sharen in tackling the advanced IB subjects and she has been getting over 90% of scores in these subjects.

Sharen has attained 7 in all higher-level IB subjects and achieved a final score of 43, easily securing her place at GPS despite the challenging entry conditions. 

Learning at EOK has been an enjoyable experience to Sharen. “Overall, the consistent presentation of intellectual challenges, combined with the friendly environment, has made my experience at EOK both memorable and rewarding.” commented Sharen.

Having joined the TAP at EOK in 2011, Nikita demonstrated her talent by scoring A in both IGCSE Math and English as a First Language at the age of 12. After finishing F.5 in DGS, Nikita transferred to EOK as a full-time student and enrolled into the Oxbridge Preparation Course。

With a high aim of getting a place in PPE, a competitive BA degree offered by the University of Oxford where only a few candidates are admitted every year, Nikita went through a series of training in GCE studies, the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) and interview, and successfully received an unconditional offer of her dream programme. 

“I was struggling whether I should quit DGS in my last year of secondary studies,” said Nikita. “But with EOK’s past successful record, I believe joining EOK as a full-time student is more fit for achieving my goal.”

“We strive to develop our students’ potential to the optimal level,” said Dr. Ma, the founder of EOK. “Give us time and trust, we will make it happen.”