The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a globally recognized test for entry into universities, colleges and schools worldwide.


The test is divided into four sections:

(1) Listening

Students are required to look for factual information and identify the opinions of the speakers in different contexts and exchanges.

(2) Reading

Students will be tested on finding the main ideas in passages, skimming and scanning for specific information, identifying facts and opinions of a number of given texts.

(3) Writing

There are two sections:
1. Students are required to analyze and describe pie charts, graphs and other tables
2. Students are required to express their opinions and support their arguments with evidence in an argumentative essay.

(4) Speaking

The speaking test is in the format of an interview, in which students will be required to express their opinions on specific topics


The IELTS test score reflects a student’s English proficiency level in reading, listening, writing and speaking. Each paper is marked from Band 1 (Non-user) to Band 9 (Expert user). Students will receive a final IELTS score which is the average of the four marks.

With our computer-assisted learning system, the IELTS preparation course is designed as a customized intensive program that takes around 16-20 hrs to help students build the language skills and master the exam strategies. This course systematically trains students in the following areas:

(1) Listening

      • Listening for specific information

      • Listening for main ideas and supporting information

      • Understanding the speaker’s opinion

      • Identifying facts and opinions in group discussions and other exchanges

(2) Reading

      • Skimming and scanning

      • Reading for details

      • Understanding main ideas

      • Completing sentences

      • Matching lists and phrases

      • Choosing appropriate headings

      • Writing summaries

      • Understanding writer’s views/ attitudes/ claims

      • Identifying facts and opinions

(3) Writing

Task 1 Short Writing

      • Interpreting information from pie charts, graphs and tables accurately

      • Predicting overall trends and interpreting tendencies

      • Describing only relevant and important data in a well-organized paragraph

      • Using appropriate vocabulary and structures

Task 2 Essay Writing

      • Planning an argumentative essay

      • Writing an introductory paragraph

      • Developing a thesis statement

      • Producing evidence to support the thesis

      • Organizing arguments clearly

      • Writing a concluding paragraph

(4) Speaking

      • Speaking with confidence and social etiquette

      • Answering common interview questions

      • Giving a presentation on a specific topic

      • Expressing opinion clearly and logically

      • Communicating in a discussion about social issues and concepts

      • Speaking with clear pronunciation without grammar mistakes


There is an EOK Entrance Assessment for the IELTS preparation course, testing language skills in reading, listening, writing and speaking. Contact us to for further details.