A professional school that coaches students through their academic path...

We are an educational institution with over 10 years of experience in providing a solution plan to the parents about what learning path their children should engage in within the upcoming years in order to achieve their ultimate career goals.

We coach our students throughout the entire primary and secondary school years from academic consultation, full-time studies, to university application. We adopt a personalized approach that takes individual learning ability, learning pace and psychological well-being into account. This unique service cannot be found in anywhere else in the world.

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Christmas Course 2021

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Congratulations to our student Phoebe Leung (Y13, South Island School) who has scored 45/45 in IB exam 2021!

She was also awarded a Pearson Outstanding Learner Award for her 2019 IGCSE Physics
with the highest mark in Hong Kong!

I first joined EOK in Year 8 and I’ve found the learning experience very unique. The tailor-made computer programs are extremely useful and I was able to learn new concepts a lot faster than in school. The individual tutoring sessions are organized and the teachers are very supportive so all students can learn at different pace. Because of the wonderful learning environment, I was able to get amazing grades for IGCSE, and surprisingly the highest physics mark in HK. And now, preparing for the Oxford Math admission test, with Dr. Ma’s support, I’ve been finally able to grasp the concepts and understand the questions. I’m really thankful for EOK's support given to me in the past 4 years. Thank you so much!!!

Congratulations to our 2021 graduates!

Class of 2021 - Terrence Wong

Terrence Wong, Y13 at EOK Academy, is admitted to Actuarial Science and Mathematics at the University of Manchester, UK.

Class of 2021 - Gordon Poon

Gordon Poon, Y13 at EOK Academy, is admitted to Physics at University College London with GCE results of A*A*A.

Class of 2021 - Phoebe Leung

Phoebe Leung, Y13 at South Island School, is admitted to the University of Pennsylvania, US with exceptional perfect IB score of 45.

TAP: Target Achievement Program

A program that makes your academic dream come true

EOK is the pioneer that offers a full package on planning students’ academic path and admission to prestigious universities. We have delivered excellent results with 100% success rate.

In 2013, we started the Targeted Achievement Program (TAP) and 5 students joined the program with their dreams and passion. We individually tailored their academic paths, targeting their far-fetched goals and making each of them a reality. Despite the differences in their paths, ages and ambitions, these students’ dreams have come true beyond their expectation throughout the years.

In 2018, we had another batch of students with ambitious dreams committed to the Targeted Achievement Program (TAP). We designed specialized learning plans for them to achieve their high-end goals ranging from being a doctor to becoming an aeronautic engineer. All of them have made their dreams come true and built their own promising career paths.

Quarantine procedure and guidelines at EOK

19 March 2020

Dear parents and students,

As you already know, many overseas students are returning to Hong Kong due to the outbreak of coronavirus. To keep everyone safe and prevent the spread of the virus, we are shifting to online remote lesson for the returning students, as well as those they are in close contact with (i.e. their siblings or close relatives), for 14 days after they come back to Hong Kong. This is without exception. Also, if you have family members who are frequent travelers due to business reasons, we would also ask these students to avoid attending on-site classes and take our online lessons instead.

In addition, the following preventive measures have been implemented in our centres:

  • All our surfaces, including computer screens, keyboards and mouse are regularly disinfected;

  • Hand sanitizer, disinfectant tissues and hand gloves are available for use;

  • Students and teachers are always required to wear a surgical mask;

  • Our classroom seating capacity has been reduced by half to avoid crowds in the centres.

For those parents or students who have concerns, we encourage you to consider switching to our online remote lessons. Our online lessons are conducted in the same way as if the students are physically attending the classes at the centres. We have over 10 years of experience and the unique technology to deliver the online learning experience in an effective manner.

We hope you understand that our policies are to protect the health and safety of all our students and teachers, and it is for the benefit of everyone to take this seriously and act responsibly. Thank you for your understanding.


EOK Academy