IGCSE Science


Success stories of our students learning IGCSE Science at EOK...

Adrian Ip, Y10 at South Island School, gets all 9 in IGCSE Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Marcus Lee, Y10 at South Island School, attains straight 9 in IGCSE Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Colin Au, Y10 at South Island School, gets all 9 in IGCSE Physics and Chemistry. He also scores 100% in one IAL Chemistry paper.

Timmie Chong, Y10 at South Island School, gets straight 9 in IGCSE Physics and Chemistry.

Emily Fan, G8 at Carmel School Hong Kong, gets all 9 in IGCSE Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Phoebe Leung, Y12 at South Island School, is awarded the Pearson Outstanding Learner Award for getting the highest mark in IGCSE Physics 2019 in Hong Kong!

Joshua Tang, Y11 at King George V School, gets all A* in IGCSE Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Rose Ng, Y10 at Sha Tin College, gets 3 A* in IGCSE Math, Physics and Chemistry wtih the sole support of EOK.

EOK adopts a systematic approach to help students improve their grades in IGCSE Physics, Chemistry and Biology from C to A/A* through a short period of time and even tackle the exams one to two years in advance:

    • assess students' learning abilities and identify their bottlenecks

    • design a personalized learning plan in which students can learn at their own pace and build up the knowledge step by step

    • effectively enrich students' experiences in managing the complexity of Science

    • monitor students' progress in parallel with their school coursework and tests/exams

    • develop students' interest and confidence in Science

We offer support for various Science streams in IGCSE and GCSE:

    • Triple Science

    • Double Science

    • Coordinated Science

    • Combined Science

Concerns about Double Science and Triple Science

    • Students taking Double Science study parts of the three sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and get two IGCSE grades in the exam, whereas those taking Triple Science study all the three sciences as individual subjects and get three separate grades in the exam.

    • In the recent years, some international schools have switched from teaching Triple Science to Double Science. As the content covered in Double Science is far less and easier than that covered in Triple Science, this puts students at a disadvantage when they move on to study A-Level or IB.

    • EOK offers a special program for these students who want to be competitive in their IB/A-Level year, and such program even allows them to have more options in applying to other institutions for Year 12 and 13. We go beyond the school requirement and bridge the gap between Double Science and Triple Science. With our expertise, we help students manage Triple Science and complete the exam in only one year of time.

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