Entrance Exam

UK Schools


Following our computerized system, our students are able to master the exam skills in the shortest time possible. This unique and intensive experience is non-comparable with the passive learning at any other traditional classrooms, in which learning is largely dominated by the teacher and the book. 

Training of UKISET includes writing, reading comprehension, vocabulary building, as well as verbal, non-verbal and mathematical reasoning.  

Common Entrance Exam (CEE 11+/13+)

English and Math are the major components of this exam. Most students especially find the English section challenging and unfamiliar to what they have been learning as the reading and writing papers assess students beyond the level of content comprehension and grammar structures. Students are also tested on certain knowledge in English literature and their ability in citing suitable texts to discuss some moral and social issues. Thus, this aspect of English is one of the main focuses in our entrance exam course.


This exam level requires students to attain the knowledge equivalent to that of IGCSE which some of the students may not have experience in. Our entrance exam courses equip these students with IGCSE skills to fill up the knowledge gap. Learning plan is also personally-designed by subjects and by schools to ensure students are well-prepared for their particular entrance exams.

Entrance exam subjects:

Our students have applied to and now studying in the following UK schools:

We also provide our learning centre as an invigilation site for students to write their entrance exams. Please contact us for more information about our courses and arrangement for exam invigilation.