With EOK's tailor-made learning method, our students excel along their IB path and make outstanding achievements:

Our IB Programme is tailored to meet the requirements and specifications of the IB Primary Year Programme (PYP), Middle Year Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP). Students will benefit from our unique and dynamic learning environment. We offer the following courses throughout the year:




Our IB Programme is specifically designed for different types of students who come from schools that follow IB, IGCSE or HKDSE curriculum.

1) Full IB Curriculum

(RCHK, Discovery College, ISF,  Li Po Chun,  etc.)

For these students, we have developed a set of courses that follow tightly with the PYP, MYP and DP syllabi. In particular, the final year DP exam could be a great challenge to the students as this is the first and only public exam they have ever encountered before getting into the university. This exam also plays a critical role in determining which university they can enroll into. Therefore, we have designed a series of lessons that helps students to tackle common challenging questions in the exam and equip students with the corresponding exam techniques.

2) IGCSE Curriculum

(YCIS, Island School, SIS, WIS, KGV, Sha Tin College, Singapore International School, PLK CKY, etc.)

IGCSE exams are supposed to design as the prerequisite for GCE (AS/A2) exams. As a result, students who completed their IGCSE studies are usually not prepared to demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills in a wide range of contexts required in IB curriculum. According to the students' learning ability and pace, we tailor-made the learning plan that targets the specific weakness for each student. We also train our students on how to conduct research and write their extended essays in different disciplines like Math, Science, Business, etc.

3) HKDSE Curriculum

(DBS, St. Paul Co-ed, Hong Kong Academy, etc.)

Students who are studying under the HKDSE curriculum usually find it hard to adapt to the IB curriculum, especially in their English language skills. IB English require students to achieve a broad understanding on English writing and literature which is usually not emphasized or covered in HKDSE schools. Our programme aims to minimize the gap through intensive training on poetry and drama analysis as well as the corresponding writing structures. In addition to language training, we also prepare students to tackle Math and Science subjects that not only call for mechanical skills but also higher-order thinking in explaining the theories and principles.

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