IB English
(Language & Literature / Literature)

Success stories of our students learning IB English at EOK...

Laura Sum, Y13 at South Island School, scores 7 in English Language & Literature.

Summer Chiu, Y13 at Discovery College, scores 6 in English Language & Literature.

The Challenge of English Language A

IB English Language A requires students to achieve at the native level of the language and demonstrate the appreciation of a wide range of literature and texts. The challenge of this subject is to grasp the skills in analyzing the set texts in terms of literary structures and devices as well as understand the themes and hidden messages implied from the writer's perspective.

To help students attain the native level in both written and oral aspects, EOK has designed a comprehensive course which consists of exposure to popular set texts such as Shakespeares' plays and practice of the critical thinking skills in writing commentary.

One special feature of our IB English course is the personalized planning that caters to each student's school requirement. Throughout the two-year IB programme, students from different schools are assigned to read and analyze different lists of proses and plays. Our course particularly targets the specific readings and guides students in working through their assignments that are worth a grade of 6-7.

Given that IB English A closely resembles the entry level of university English, students are strongly advised to start their training as early as possible so that they can achieve and maintain their proficiency in this language. This school-based support course is only provided in limited time slots. Please contact us to learn more about the class schedule and other details.

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