Entrance Exam

HK Schools

Entrance to ESF schools

Upon students' need, our entrance exam course can be specifically tailor-made for students who are planning to apply for ESF schools. Students will learn the skills to understand different text types that appear on the reading test designed by the University of New South Wales (UNSW). We also provide students with a series of training sessions to help them ace the narrative writing section as the writing component of the entrance exam is considered to be the most critical prerequisite to successful enrollment.

Entrance to Non-ESF schools

We are offering personalized courses for students who are applying for non-ESF schools such as CDNIS, GSIS, Harrow International School, etc. As many of our students come from these schools, we have an in-depth knowledge about the different curricula and expectations of the students. On top of teaching reading and writing skills, we focus on training students verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills.

Our students have successfully enrolled into the following schools:

Due to the increasing competitiveness of admission to the international schools in Hong Kong, students are suggested to start their training as early as possible. Please contact us for more details.