GCE Math

Success stories of our students learning GCE Math at EOK...

Ryon Cheong, Y13 at RCHK & EOK Academy, gets straight A in GCE and is admitted to Computer Science at the University of Waterloo, Canada with an entrance scholarship.

Vincy Wong, Y12 at EOK Academy, gets 6A*/A in GCE and is admitted to Actuarial Science & Risk Management at Queen's University Belfast, UK with an entrance scholarship.

Hong Ye Tan, an 8-year-old student, scores 3 A's in his first attempt of GCE Math exam, with a perfect score on the Core Math Paper 2.

EOK adopts a systematic approach to help students improve their grades in GCE Math exam from C to A/A* in a short period of time and even tackle the exam one to two years in advance:

    • assess students' learning abilities and identify their bottlenecks

    • design a personalized learning plan in which students can learn at their own pace and build up the knowledge step by step

    • effectively enrich students' experiences in managing the complexity of Math

    • monitor students' progress in parallel with their school coursework and tests/exams

    • develop students' interest and confidence in Math

Our ultimate goal is to equip students with consolidated mathematical skills that are fundamental to further learning in the science subjects such that they can effectively attain and retain the knowledge throughout the school year.

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