Gifted Program

Have you ever thought that your child could be gifted and talented?

Have you ever imagined that your child could have a great leap from primary to university level at an earlier age than his or her peers?

EOK offers a gifted learning course which trains your child in different aspects and leads them to the leading universities (e.g., the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Harvard University and Stanford University, etc.) though a shortcut learning pathway.

Our specially designed learning course prepares young gifted students (between Grade 6/ Year 7  to Grade 8/ Year 9) to obtain a series of internationally recognized qualifications (e.g., IGCSE and GCE) at their own pace. This course is usually conducted across one to four years depending on the students' learning progress. Over the past years, we have built up a strong track record in training our young students to excel to the top in the IGCSE and GCE exams. 

Our course requires your child to constantly accept challenges and put strenuous effort. Throughout the painstaking learning process, your child would find the outcome and experience rewarding and invaluable.

Our course aims to unleash the potential of your gifted child in various subject areas such as English, Math and Science while at the same time boost your child's confidence and self esteem. The classes are designed to equip your child with all the knowledge and skills to ace the exam. Given the limited preparation time, many of our students engage in a 6-to-8-hour class schedule per week in order to achieve outstanding accomplishment. One of our gifted students was a G.4 student from Clearwater Bay School. Planning to take the exam in two years, he spent 10 hours per week regularly and attended our intensive classes daily during holidays. He was admitted to HKU and Cambridge at 11 years old.

Your child's potential should be recognized rather than hidden or restrained. 

It's time for him or her to embark on a gifted learning journey!

Interested parties should contact us for further details. We provide free consultation service to assess the capability and suitability of individual students.