End-of-Exam Celebration 2024

Time flies! This is our 8th annual celebration with our students! 

It is our honor to have invited Professor Lau,
the former Department Head of Computer Science and the former Associate Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at HKU, as our special guest of the party!

Professor Lau with his son, Jimmy Lau, who has been studying with us since he was in Y7 at Hong Kong Academy.

Professor Lau with Dr. Ma, the founder of EOK Academy

A time for students and teachers to have fun together!

The happy moment of presenting special gifts to our graduates...

Dr. Ma with Ryan Siu and Ka Chai Lau, Class of 2024

This year we have the youngest guest ever
attending our celebration and presenting the thank you gift to Dr. Ma!

Congratulations to all the graduates!
We wish them every success in their future!