IGCSE/GCE/IB Specialist

A school that coaches you through your academic path ...

8 year old gets 100 in GCE Math

11 year old gets A* in IGCSE

12 year old gets 10 A*/A in IGCSE

90% of students gets 5 A*/A or above

95% of students gets a score of 6 or 7 in IB

Over 90% of students improves from a score of 4-5 to 6-7

CNY Intensive Course 2020

Jan 24 - Feb 29, 2020

Congratulations to our 2019 graduates!

Class of 2019 - Dominic Ngan

Dominic Ngan, our full-time student, is admitted to Master of Engineering in Aeronautics & Astronautics at the University of Southampton.

Class of 2019 - Ashley Lai

Ashley Lai, Y13 at Sherborne School for Girls, UK, is admitted to Biochemistry at Imperial College London with GCE results of A*A*A*A.

Class of 2019 - Justin Lau

Justin Lau, F6 at DBS, is admitted to Economics at University College London.

TAP: Target Achievement Program

A program that makes your academic dream come true

EOK is the pioneer that offers a full package on planning students’ academic path and admission to prestigious universities. We have delivered excellent results with 100% success rate.

In 2013, we started the Targeted Achievement Program (TAP) and 5 students joined the program with their dreams and passion. We individually tailored their academic paths, targeting their far-fetched goals and making each of them a reality. Despite the differences in their paths, ages and ambitions, these students’ dreams have come true beyond their expectation throughout the years.